Logique dans la Formulation Céramique

From as early as 1983, Paul Badié had begun development of computer programs to assist, refine and speed the development of ceramic glaze and clay body formulas and recipes. 

By 1989, he had completed his research and a comprehensive set of programs that are known as the LFC or Logic Formula Ceramic.

What's new with the Logic  Formula Ceramic? Paul Badie has begun to publish his LFC book which explains the calculation itinerary and how his process manages the complexity of the raw materials. The book precedes the release of the programs - the Micro-Tournassin.

It is located at this website: logicformulaceramic.com

What exactly is the Logic  Formula Ceramic? The masters were obliged to mask the relationship between the recipe and the formula. The latter is the result of a relationship with the past placed in the present. This formulation is incapable to start other than with the raw materials of its recipe. For example, three colors can produce millions of colors. One single formulation can produce thousands of recipes. In the land of algorithms, we each must clarify. I did and I had vertigo. It works!”  pb